by Baruch the Scribe

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released March 5, 2012

Recorded and mixed by- CM
Mastered by- David Broderick
design-Mary Stratton



all rights reserved


Baruch the Scribe Denton, Texas

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Track Name: On the Land of Education
I see you there, you think no one knows the secrets you Hide
Your painted face, is over-baked, it crumbles and peels off
The longer you wait, the more damage to the base,
it crumbles and peels off

Hold on, tell me now and I will listen, open up your timid mind
Oh that crutch that you’ve been holding onto
Oh that face you practice daily
It’s gonna sting, it’s gonna burn, it’s gonna scar your features, but oh the peace
Track Name: Intentions
Can my dirty left hand wash my dirty right hand?
In the same way my will power fails to clean up my act
I’ve got good intentions, I am trying to get better at this
but I always find I beat myself and fall back to where I am

Chasing my past, chasing my soul, washing it down, breaking my soul
chasing my past, watching my soul burn to the ground, losing control
chasing my past, chasing my soul, washing it down, breaking my soul
chasing my past, chasing my soul

I am lustful for past mistakes that I swore that I would never make again
but if I can pawn it off, pretend that It’s not my fault, that’s all I need
I’ve got good inventions, I am crafty at making you believe that I don’t need to lie
Don’t even waste your time, I’m fine, I’m fine

I’ve had enough of this, but I don’t know where to take it now from here, I’m tired of pretending that I am fine, I am fine! Please don’t mind
Track Name: Inventions
Can one unlearn the knowledge, the taste of this life, the touch of it all?
This time, just this one time, give into your darkness, take whatever you want
and please yourself
Track Name: One Must be a Sea
Sisters why act that way, You don’t need to settle for those things
I am sorry for raising my voice, I was only trying to help
Brothers why speak so harsh? Haven’t we already had enough of that?
Can’t we all believe there’s some beauty in finding our faults?

Where are you O God of my head? Seems like there’s such little of you left
I was only trying to free myself from my thoughts.
I’m sorry that I left. I was only trying to lose myself
I was only trying to find the road. It never looked so narrow
Track Name: Evil Memories
The rain covers me so I can hardly see anything
Immersed in this storm,
I’ll stay nice and warm in my coat of pride I’ll hide above you all

And these Evil Memories remind me in my dreams,
I can’t escape my mind

I’ll go and fill up my stomach with bitter foods and be cynical
and try to forget the things I do

Who will rescue me from this body and show me a way to clear the rain
and show these Evil Memories
Track Name: With the Thoroughness of God
Everyone is talking about you, of how far you’ve let yourself go.
Of all the things you used to say, you don’t say those things the same way

And I know more than most that we all fall short,
Cause I hate the way I can be
I am selfish and indifferent, I don’t think things through
Please don’t be like me

And I know I am foolish and I’ve done so much wrong
I’ve been hateful on purpose and sought after fame
I am bitter at religion and I’m cynical toward everything
Please don’t be like me